Monday, August 30, 2010

13 Years

Today we celebrate 13 years!

August 30, 1997

Late last night, I put photos of us all around the kitchen. So when we woke early, bracing ourselves for the first day of school, we could have a mini-celebration by the coffee maker.

A few of my favorites from long ago...

Ten years ago - on top of what is thought to be Mt. Sinai.

Apparently, ten years ago we spent a lot of time on top of mountains.
Our 3rd anniversary - hiking in New Hampshire. We still talk about that absolutely perfect day!

Five years ago.

And this past weekend we got out for a fun dinner in Georgetown...

... followed by a visit to the Lincoln Memorial (completely forgetting that the Glenn Beck Rally was just a few hours prior - there was still quite a crowd).

So, we sat there with Mr. Lincoln and enjoyed the view...

... and watched the moon rise over DC.

All attempts to get a picture of the two of us just lead to a lot of this...
(And I have to laugh that I am wearing the same dress in the photo from five years ago!)

This morning (on our actual anniversary), Hannah offered to take a photo as we were hurrying Peter to his first day of school.

Yep, that looks about right for today...
a little bit blurry, but fun.


  1. Yay for you and Todd! What a wonderful family. I remember when you guys went on the trip to the Holy Land. Amazing.
    Love to all of you and congrats to Peter, too!
    Lucy starts school for the first time on Wednesday. We've got to get those two together sometime. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Jen and Todd! I remember that wonderful day and gorgeous you:)!

  3. How wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

  4. 13 year and you really don't look any different today then you did it that wedding photo! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Such great pictures of you both!

  6. Happy Anniversary (late!). Beautiful images. Beautiful people ... your heart is so evident in these shots!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You are very beautiful! :)



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