Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Few Turkeys

Coffee-painted turkeys.
We used sharpie markers instead of paint for the red and yellow. Sprinkling the coffee painting with salt created a neat texture pattern.

Hannah likes her coffee a little stronger than Will's.

Peter's hand-print turkey...

and another little turkey... and F and G.


  1. though I linked to this exact project, I failed to notice the part about painting with coffee & sprinkling with salt. I'm going to try again. :)

    BTW, my Precept teacher gave out notebooks today and encouraged us to write 1000 things we were thankful for - and I told her of your blog. I love that you post your gratitude.

  2. I will be doing these next week-thanks I was looking for our art project for Monday!! And Peter's pictures make me smile every time. That smile is just adorable.

  3. ummmm, LOVE that picture of Peter. SOOOO cute!!!

  4. love the coffee & salt sprinkled turkey project - we'll have to try that one!



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