Monday, November 23, 2009

Delight to Praise : 1000 Gifts

I think we delight to praise what we enjoy

because the praise not merely expresses

but completes the enjoyment;
it is its appointed consummation.

-C.S. Lewis, from his Reflections on the Psalms

Delighting in His gifts, my
list goes on...

Dancing in the kitchen with Hannah.

Her love for the piano. The recital piece in process, filling our home with music.

Our leaf piles at the curb. The wonderful husband who got them there. And the wonderful leaf-vacuum truck that takes them all away.

Hot Chocolate. Daily.

Simple toys.

A walk to the library. Beauty along the way.

Saturday evening soup. Delicious recipes shared.

Time to get down on the floor and play. Just Peter and me.

A fine art gallery of their own. Gathered. Created. Enjoyed.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
and His courts with praise...

holy experience


  1. Beautiful! A few of these are on my heart's list too. Especially the truck that vacuum's up the leaves! They stopped by our place last week and it was a full morning of watching, excitement.

    Beautiful pictures.
    {We live just outside DC...always exciting to find a grateful heart living near by.}

  2. Love the fine art gallery and oh how I wish we lived closer to our library :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful list.

    Many Blessings

  3. LOVE the photo in your blog header! And your list is simply beautiful. I look forward to visiting again...

    PS I've added you to my blogroll...


  4. love your list!

    love your blog!

    I commented last week but didn't save your blog address.

    So this week, I was so hoping to find you...I did! yay! :)

  5. Jennifer,

    Your lists... your posts... your photos... your sentiments... they bless me every. single. time. Thank you!

    Thank you for your servant heart, for your thoughtful words, and for your willingness to share & inspire & create... each and every day :) You have encouraged me in more ways than I can list~

    That being said, have a *wonderful* Thanksgiving! Eat well... sleep well... and enjoy the celebration!!

  6. not only are you a fabulous mama, homeschooler, friend, etc... BUT you have the eye when it comes to photography!! I look A LOT of photos and you got it!

  7. Jennifer~ How delightful it is to see your life through your lens. I love the quiet beauty in each picture.



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