Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tap, Tap.... Umm, Hello?

Remember when I used to blog?

I just looked at my last post. May 6th? Where did May go?

We are entering our last week of school with lots of fun things planned. I'm trying to finish strong here, but it's been a little hard. We're ready for summer.

For our last week, the kids and I are planning a "finale" of sorts. My parents will be here next week, so we may wait and do it then. Then daddy won't be the only audience member. We're also decorating our school room with this years "progress." I'll post pictures next week.

Some of what I am working on for the Streams Academy Year-in-Review....

For Language Arts.... Hannah will recite all the poems she memorized this year. Will and Peter will introduce her and act as props. Poems include: The Caterpillar (Rossetti), The Cow (Stevenson), The Wind (Stevenson), The Swing (Stevenson), Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (Frost), There Once Was a Puffin (Florence Page Jaques), The Moon (Stevenson), Bird Talk (Aileen Fisher).

For Art.... We studied four artists this year - Monet, Cassatt, Van Gogh, Seurat. Each of us (the three kids and me) will be a different artist, wear a smock, have a paintbrush in hand pretending to on prints of their actual works. While we talk a little about ourselves, our work, where we live, what we like to paint. I will be giving them simple scripts. Either Will or Peter will be a bandaged ear Van Gogh I am sure (the boys love to mention that detail of his life). This may be a bit much for Peter, but he will not be excluded! He must be a part of it all. : ) Also this week, we are going on a big National Gallery field trip.

I still need to figure out a bit for Music and Ancient History (something Rome themed). We'll see how much energy I have this week.

Other things around here...
  • I went to CHAP (Homeschool Convention in PA) a couple weeks ago and settled on a few things for next year. I'm really excited about what we are going to do for History. I'll write more about that later.
  • And I'm back on a Mac. After three long years on a PC, I convinced my husband we should got to the Apple Store. I've been setting it all up over this last week. So much fun.
  • Our tadpole that we have had all school year grew legs last week. And yesterday... "arms!" The kids are thrilled! We started with 8 tadpoles in September and this little guy has hung with us. This whole experience has showed me that I am not ready for a real pet. Cleaning that container, feeding him... it didn't always happen in a timely manner. It's a miracle he survived. : ) Now, what do I do with this soon-to-be frog?


  1. love the acting out idea. its is so fun to see them use their imaginations. tell your parents hello!

  2. Jen - Your kids are so lucky. You are so creative. Rome? Togas and reclining while feasting might be in order - smile.

  3. Glad you're back! Love the end of the year celebration!!

  4. Did you know that some bull frogs take 2 years to go from tad poll to frog, and they can live up to 30 years? Glad your back, I've missed you!

  5. You're back... hoorah!! Please know that you've been missed ;)

    I'm so glad to hear that all is well and that you're enjoying your new Mac-- I have an iMac and I just love it! When we travel, though, I'm forced to use my husband's laptop (it's a pc) if I want to get anything done, but I don't care for it nearly as much... I don't ever want to go back to PC-land myself!

    As for collage-making (I've been out of town for the weekend and just noticed your question on my blog)-- I make them all in picnik. It's super, super easy... just drag & click for the most part... and fun, too! Give it a shot~ and a have a great week :)

  6. I'm glad that you are back blogging. I really enjoy reading it and look forward to your new posts. You do such great things with your kids! Have fun with the end of school.

  7. Can't wait to hear what you are using for History! I haven't decided yet and I'm going to our convention next week.

    Looking forward to seeing your end of year celebration!



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