Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boca Grande : Florida, Part 3

We're back. Again. Yes, we have been to Florida three times this year. I am not complaining one bit. This time it was to visit my husband's parents before they came back up North for the summer.

It was a truly. fabulous. vacation.

Now that the kids are a little older, ... no diapers, no baby stuff to pack, no melt-downs if we stay up too late... it was so much more of a vacation.

This place is a bit like la-la land. When we are here, the rest of the world sort of falls away. There are signs everywhere saying things like "No cell phones in pool area. Please make calls in your car." (so much for "Hang up and Drive!" Grin.) I didn't make one call, look at a tv, get in a car, or get on a computer the whole week. So nice.

We feel incredibly blessed to be able to visit Nana and Papa here every spring. A few photos... (I have a gazillion here, but...)

Sunset on the beach.
Sweet treats.Lots of pool time.
We got around the island on this...or this...
Hannah and Nana went on daily adventures,
binoculars and nature journal in hand.


  1. What fun!! We are counting the days until our beach trip in June with our Mimi. By the way, I wrote a post today on art education. I wondered, if you have the time, if you would add to my thoughts. I know this is your area of expertise. Glad you had such a wonderful trip!

  2. That is so awesome that you were able to have that time together!

  3. What a wonderful trip!! Grandparents are such a blessing, aren't they?? I'm always amazed-- just how much they enrich our lives! And to think... all that PLUS sun & sleep w/ no electronic distractions... sounds like a dream, for sure :)

  4. Oh man I just exhale thinking about that kind of vacation! So glad y'all got to go. Hugs.



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