Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woodrow for President

This is a fun introduction to a run for President. Woodrow for President: A Tail of Voting, Campaigns and Elections by Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes (a local author team) covers it all from Woodrow's entry into politics to the Inaugural Ball. They have a whole series of political books for kids. Woodrow, the White House Mouse and House Mouse, Senate Mouse are two others Hannah and I have enjoyed.
An excerpt...

The nominee now has a very big task-
He must decide quickly which mouse he will ask
To be his vice president - number two "on the slate" -
The very best partner, the best "running mate."

Woodrow, his assistants and primary leaders agreed
One mouse from the primaries could surely succeed
As Woodrow's vice president - clearly, all knew it:
Senator Felicity Fieldmouse could do it!

The convention went wild! And by acclamation,
Every mouse on the floor, every state delegation
Voted that choice (they knew how to pick it) -
Senator Fieldmouse was now "on the ticket."


  1. I love your BLOG... Your signature verse, is one of my favorites!
    We lived in DC for a little while -we are now further south :)
    Blessings... and I look forward to periodically checking your BLOG throughout the school year!

  2. OOh, House Mouse Senate Mouse! I know that one too well! Funny Story: When I worked on the Hill, my boss used the HMSM story as a parable to not-so-subtly criticize the other congressmen. You can find his comments here if you're interested. It still makes me laugh.



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