Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

I love the first day of school. New school supplies. New teachers. Yellow buses circling the neighborhood. Everything is crisp and fresh and exciting. Honestly, I was a little sad we weren't a part of it all. So we made a big push to make Homeschool's first day an event...

I pulled out the "First Day of School" sign that Hannah has held the past two years and we all went out the front door, with backpacks on, like the kids were headed somewhere. Hannah cheerfully put on her backpack, wrote "Hooray Homeschool" on the dry erase board and skipped out the front door. She was thrilled. Will was confused. "Wait, where are we going? Why do I need my backpack?" It doesn't make sense, I know. Please just humor Mommy. This is all for the pictures. The kids marched around to the back door to enter school. And I greeted them as teacher.

The rest of the day seemed very much like any other day. We finished our lessons, read a lot, went to the park, played with kids on the street....

It was a good first day. We loved it!
*Peter's* new aquadoodle. Thanks Mema and Grandpa!
Preschool on the sidewalk. Peter's pal/fairy princess lives next door.


  1. What a great mom you are! I LOVE the cake and the signs! We start on Tuesday...maybe I'll make a cake?! That is a great idea!

    Love your blog!

  2. btw, here is the link to my blog
    swbbm.blogspot, in case it doesn't come up.

  3. I love you first day of school cake!!! So fun, I wish I had seen that before I baked 30 cup-cakes for out back to school splash tomorrow! Oh, well, there is alway next year!

  4. Sounds great, Jen! So wonderful. I LOVE your cake...I'll be filing that away for myself, thank you very much.

  5. ok i admit it, i got a little teary eyed on this one. probably because you are just the greatest mom ever!! and you are pouring your life into these sweet children and making an eternal impact!! YOU are the best. Will you be my teacher?
    and the LOVE the cake!

  6. Jen you are my Mommy hero! How fun did you make this for them. You will have a great year! Lucky kiddos:).

  7. My mom used to make our first day of school (also homeschooling) special by making homemade donuts with applesauce and giant cookies for breakfast on that first day. :) It was something we really loved and I hope to continue with my own kids.

  8. Oh you are such a great mommy! What a neat idea! I love the pictures of the kids with the poster. So sweet!!! What special memories you are giving your children.

  9. That is a great cake! Jenny Mutryn gave me the link to your blog! I have one too.



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