Friday, July 18, 2008

The Sunshine State

The kids and I are spending about 1o days down at my parents in Florida. My husband was left to work and handle all the kitchen details. Ten days in the house without the kids - oh, the things I could get done! And the sleep I would get! He is really missing us and telling me the house is too quiet (?). I'm sure I would not enjoy the solitude as much as I think I would. When we return in the middle of next week, the kitchen will be nearly complete. Hooray!

In the meantime, we are enjoying our vacation (and my parents' kitchen). It is so easy to be here. My parents are very helpful, love to play, and feed us well. Will has learned to swim in their pool (mark that off my To Do list for Summer - and please don't ask about the rest of it. Grin.) I found a homeschool store in town yesterday and picked up a few things. This morning we are off to the beach....

I'll post photos when we get home next week... after I recover from the *13 hour* drive.


  1. 13 hours, in the car, just you and the kids? Wow, I am in Awe! I thought the 4 hours home for me was bad. Happy rest of your vacation!

  2. Bill is saying the same thing in KTM - "it is just so quiet". I'm not feeling terribly sympathetic! I haven't exercised in over a month:). Can't wait to see you.

  3. Jennifer -

    I would go crazy in the empty house, I'm sure. 13 hours is a lot, but with some sing alongs, maybe a few audiobooks... it could be an adventure!

    Hope you have a great trip. I love your photos, so I'll be eager for your return. :)



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