Monday, July 28, 2008

Almost Finished

Counters were installed on Friday!

We loaded up the fridge!

I found these great stools at Target.

The range and dishwasher are not hooked up yet.

This was supposed to be a monkey/banana eating face. Hmmm.

And, yes, I know booster seats on backless stools
don't meet any child safety codes.
The boys can actually maneuver them quite well.


  1. oh Jennifer!
    It's BEAUTIFUL!!! And timeless. And looks to be wonderfully functional (kitchen "triangle" and all!).

  2. Looks beautiful! and yeah for no more construction!

  3. looks fabulous! you will LOVE having all the deep drawers in your kitchen. we had those in our house in Orlando and I loved it.

  4. A "retreat" sounds wonderful! I have been thinking about coming up that way before we start school, but my parents are on the road so it makes it kinda hard... We will be in Elkton next week. I could send Phil home on the train and stay for a few days, don't think we'd get any planning done with all the kids though!

  5. it has been a while since i've popped over, your kitchen is looking great! i know how excited you must be! congrats on the re-model!

  6. Hi! I enjoyed your blog. :) Your kids are lovely and look like FUN! lol

  7. Gorgeous! I'm glad you finally get to relax in that wonderful kitchen of yours. (And very few things in our house meet a safety code, LOL.)

  8. I forgot to tell you that I tagged you on my blog! Don't feel obligated to participate if you don't want to, but I'd love to hear your answers. :)

  9. Hey. I stopped over 'cause of Heidi's tag. I have a Will (4) and a Peter (nearly 2) as well!

  10. I stopped by via Heidi's blog. Your kitchen is beautiful, as well-your children! What a perfect spot for them to sit and share the day's happenings while they watch you fix dinner.
    Blessings, Michelle



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