Thursday, April 17, 2014

More Blossoms... and our End of Year Celebration for Classical Conversations

As I busily prepared for our last week of CC,
I managed to check on the cherry blossoms one more time. 

Every single street in a nearby neighborhood is this lovely, but on a warm, peak-bloom, Sunday afternoon there is NO way to get a photo without gobs of cars and people. I do my best. 

It always takes my breath away to see the blossoms bursting out of the tree.


Making the cherry blossom experience even more beautiful is the pale pink petal confetti that swirls through the air and piles up in gutters. There could not be a more magical way to welcome spring!

Walking home we spotted the first tulips in bloom. 

Because of snow days (it seemed to always snow on Tuesdays!), our last day of CC got pushed to the same day of our big End of Year Celebration. Funny to note: it SNOWED that night - April 15th. I'm telling you - it's a Tuesday thing. Anyway, it was a wonderful culmination of a fabulous first year of CC!  

Here are most of the boys from my class. I had a class of all boys and loved every minute of it.  

The whole crew.

The Memory Masters receiving their awards.
I am so proud of Hannah! She worked very hard and rocked it her first year!

This face says "a full table of desserts and my mom wasn't looking."

Dad got to come up and see where we go every Tuesday. 

One of the sweet boys in my class. 

Can't wait 'til it all starts again!

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