Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

January, how I love thee. So cozy and uncomplicated.

I mean December was oh-so-fun, but I need to catch my breath a bit... and a big inhale of chimney-smoke scented, crisp, mid-winter air. 

But before we set sail into this new year, a few moments to share from the end of our 2013....

cutting down the tree... timber!

my cute husband serving at the women's Christmas luncheon at church

and some catch-up time with Susan (our speaker)

this sweet boy turned TEN!

first snow of the season... oh, how I hope we have more this year!

Christmas dress-up day at Classical Conversations. And the last day of tin whistle! ; )

my CRAZY class of eight 8/9 year-old boys. oh. my. 

an afternoon of gingerbread house decorating with good friends

a day at the holiday market and the National Portrait Gallery

my wonderful parents were here for a week and this is the ONLY photo I have of one of them... 

after-Christmas ice skating


  1. yah!!! a new post!! i was missing you. The photo of your house was on the front cover of LL Bean. Beautiful!!!! LOVe y'all, miss y'all

  2. I love LOVE Susan Yates. I want to BE her one day - seriously.
    And I love that picture of your house. Have you thought of doing a collage of winter/spring/summer/fall? I'd love to do one for our house but 1) it hardly snows 2) I only have a camera phone
    Didn't realize you were in the 8/9 yo class photo until I read the post a second time. You were camouflaged! Glad to see you posting again.



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