Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School

We began our fifth year of homeschooling yesterday
and our eighth first day with 'The Sign' I made way back when Hannah was four.
That feels so very long ago.

Sixth grade. Crazy. And wonderful. 

The fourth grader who declared yesterday the best first day of school ever. 

Second grade for this cutie! I love second grade.  

I'm working on a post with our curriculum line-up for the year. We are thrilled to be joining a Classical Conversations community this year. All three will be a part of the Foundations program; and Will and Hannah will be in the Essentials class. I will be jumping right in also and tutoring a Foundations class. The summer practicum, tutor training sessions, and parent meetings have been exactly the boost I have needed in this classical homeschooling journey! More to come...


  1. We just started CC this year too and love it! I'm going to try the timeline you made. Thanks for sharing!



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