Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Boca Grande


The water was cold, but there was no keeping him out of it.

Not even sharks being caught all around us. "Mom, they are so small." I didn't let him go very far.
This seems safer. 

Freedom to bike all over the island = kid heaven.

This banyan tree is a wonder! And so fun to climb! 
It was a blast to spend six days with Uncle Mark.

Nana and Papa with all the kiddos.
This is their favorite way to get around.
I'm telling you, it's a tough life down there.

Thanksgiving dinner winding down. So much fun!
Thanksgiving sunset.



Oops... not one picture of Carl! We love you, Uncle Carl! 

Six sunny Florida days with family... THANKS SO MUCH, Nana and Papa!

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  1. That looks like such an awesome time w/lots of memories made! Your kids are getting so big. I think I started reading when your youngest was 2. :) I hope you guys are having a great school year!



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