Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

We started school today! 

Hannah - 5th grade. She's held this sign for 7 years! How can this be?
Will - 3rd grade
Peter - 1st grade

I have been making this First Day of School pencil cake for years (it's actually a brownie). This year I made a mini version. The eating of the pencil cake after the first day of lessons is a highly anticipated event around here. Do not ever make this unless you intend to make it every year. I made cupcakes one year and got a lot of "where's the pencil cake?"


  1. haha -- I don't read your blog unless you facebook it. loved the sign a few years ago, and loved it again this year. also, Jelsa has the same orange shirt from Gap. also, Will looked huge to me in his photo.

  2. The pencil brownie cake looks delicious and very rewarding. I have baked cupcakes in years gone by, but our kids would love to "eat" a pencil!



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