Monday, June 18, 2012

Italy : Part Four {Northern Tuscany & Lucca}

Last stop: Lucca in Northern Tuscany. It was the perfect place to go after a wonderfully exhausting 3 days in Rome. Our medieval monastery turned hotel was about ten miles out of town with olive groves and vineyards as far as they eye could see. Lucca is a small, medieval, walled town that seems frozen in time. Not medieval times, thankfully, but maybe a hundred years ago. Shopfronts still bear original Art Nouveau signs in etched and gilded glass. We meandered through the narrow streets going in and out of shops and cafes. I think I want to live there. Maybe my husband can plant a church next to our enchanting little hilltop hotel.

Entering Lucca.


This was Composer Puccini's favorite cafe. Lucca is his hometown and they LOVE him.

After our car ride from Rome, the caretaker brought us a little Italian "snack" - their wine, their olives. Yes, I ate every single one of those olives.

Breakfast. I so miss starting every day with Italian coffee and croissants.
Our Hotel

Adore that place.
More piazza sitting.
Roadside poppies everywhere.
The hotel ristorante. Possibly the best meal we had in Italy.
 We tore ourselves away and made our way to the airport.

Going home.
 Nine days with my husband in Italy. Absolutely dreamy.


  1. Wow!!!! If your husband plants a church there, could we be on staff???

  2. Oh Jen I loved these pictures and am SO glad y'all got to go. Doesn't it make you want to just package those memories up and savor them? Ah the tastes, the smells and the sounds!!



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