Thursday, May 3, 2012


Boy, it's crickets around here. I'm in a bit of a blog lull, eh? Just a phase. It will pass.

Truth is, I've been very purposeful about staying away from the computer and chipping away at some projects around here. It's remarkable what you can accomplish when you never sit down at the computer. Truly.

One day, I gave myself a little test. I filled a paper with the day ahead divided into 15 minute increments, then I jotted down what I did with every 15 minutes. Weary of my days passing and my to do list only growing/never shrinking, I wanted to pause and look at how I was managing my time (or not). The results were interesting... and not completely what I expected. For instance, I spent the bulk of my day in the kitchen. It surprised just me how many hours of my day are devoted to meal prep and clean up. Another thing I learned is that it takes me about 7 minutes to fold a load of laundry and put it away. Why does that task seem so much bigger than it actually is??? And the computer, well... a quick check of email-facebook-pinterest, which leads to oh-I-need-to-order-that-book, and that birthday gift, and research out the best camera bags... it adds up to a whole lot of time. So, I've been trying to make lists for what I need to do on the computer and then giving myself a time limit to do it all. So far, working well. Hmm... what is a good time limit for blog posts? On that note...

A few photos from the last couple of weeks...

Hannah's class went on a field trip to Annapolis. I got to tag along.

Noon Meal Formation at the US Naval Academy. So neat to see... band playing, flags flying...

Naval Academy Chapel

Maryland State House

And the next week... the school fun run / fundraiser. Here are some of the 2nd graders on their mark.

More soon...

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