Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Dump

My mom and I had a nice little chat last night. And then, as we were saying goodbye, she mildly scolded me for not posting here recently. Sorry, Mom.

It's just been a busy couple of weeks with a few house projects in process. And I haven't forgotten to share my 21-day challenge. I will. Maybe tomorrow. But tonight, I need to get some photos up here - however random - before I get call from Mom.

Confession: Yesterday (Valentine's Day) I didn't take a single photo. None of the lovely treats we made. None of their little class parties. None of our family dinner out. Nothing. I'm really slipping here.

Here is a (very) little of what we've been doing....

We took the kids ice skating a couple times. I sat in the stands with a book. The last time I skated was probably 11 years ago. And it really didn't end well. Maybe next time I'll get out there. Or maybe I'll save the $9 and go to Starbucks instead.

Hannah and Will caught on quickly. Peter was happy to find those walker-looking supports. Yes, this was their first time. Somehow I missed (maybe avoided) having them learn this very important childhood skill.

Will's class celebrated the end of their unit on modern Japan with a Japan Day Celebration. His teacher had a kimono for each of them. Here they are singing to us in Japanese.

The feast was impressive. Will's favorite food is sushi, so he was in heaven.

Will and Peter's classes celebrated the 100th day of school last Friday. Peter needed to bring in a project made with a hundred of something. He chose marshmallows, and then suggested we make a hundred snowmen. We settled on fifty - using a hundred marshmallows.

Will needed to decorate a shirt with a hundred of something. Was there any doubt what he would chose?

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