Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still Here...

... just trying to get back in a groove after our two week spring break that was oh-so-nice.

Hannah and Will visited my parents in Florida the first week - leaving me here with ONE kid that goes to preschool every morning. I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself, so I stayed home and soaked up the quiet. I love being in the house alone... every so often... by the end of the week, I'd had enough.

One of Will's favorite thing about visiting my parents - Grandpa buys him "sugar drinks"
... and I let him indulge. Well, one mini can a day. He savors every drop of it.

My husband, Peter and I headed down to join them for the second week of our break. And after the stomach bug made it's way through the whole family (bleh!), we enjoyed a week by the pool sipping sweet tea. Bliss.

The temperature here still insists we wear coats and listen to snowy forecasts, BUT the cherry blossoms are blooming and spring soccer begins this week! We are so ready to get back outside.

Glad to be home! I'll be back here later this week...

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  1. sounds like a lovely time away (except the bug part...sorry!). despite the weather, my boys insisted it was flip-flop weather today and ran around with barefeet oblivious to the patches of snow still on the ground :o) !



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