Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Lego Party

Will had a bunch of boys over yesterday to celebrate. It was an evening of Lego madness.

The Christmas wreath was replaced with a Lego '6' to welcome his guests.

As the boys arrived, they found a building station on the table. My husband then led them through several Lego games: timed building contests, Lego toss, hot Lego...

We had pizza, cake and ice cream. And sent each boy home with a bag of goodies... including building brick candy I found at a mall candy store.

It was a wild, extremely loud 2 hours! Indoor/winter boy birthday parties are so fun. Grin.

It was a very happy birthday for my sweet boy.


  1. LOVE! the birthday party ideas! Great job, Momma.

  2. What a great party! Sounds like lot's of fun! We might have to steel your idea for our next birthday!

  3. Wow again! You have the best birthday parties.

  4. Awww! What a lucky little guy! I love the lego jars and gift bags! So sweet! : )



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