Friday, October 23, 2009

Seneca Schoolhouse : October 23, 1880

My kids went to school today... today, about 130 years ago. A good friend and homeschooler from our church plays the role of Miss Darby at Seneca Schoolhouse in Poolesville, Maryland. So when the local ABC station called to ask if they could do a story, Miss Darby asked us to come for a day at school. Miss Darby didn't break from her role for a moment. The kids loved it and sat for a good 2 hours at desks, listening attentively. Maybe it was her explaining the dunce cap and the switches that kept them so well-behaved. : )

Peter keeping his eye on her switch.
I think his favorite part was getting to put wood in the stove.
We learned students would bring potatoes to school as hand warmers and then place them on the stove to keep warm for lunch...
...or to play hot potato.
We were asked to come in period dress. I had nothing for the boys, but Hannah wore my childhood Little Red Riding Hood costume.
Thanks, Mom. It continues to get a lot of use.

Relays and other schoolyard games...
Each child was given a name and a story. They were asked to introduce themselves.
Thankfully, the TV camera wasn't there long.
They read aloud from McGuffey's Readers,
stood for a Spelling Bee (Peter spelled 'I'),
sang old songs, did math drills, read scripture, had a nature study, wrote on their slate boards, all wrapped up in a big history lesson. It was a full day of school.
My kids want to go back tomorrow.

Montgomery Co. Students Go Back in Time | NewsChannel 8


  1. What a wonderful experience for your kiddos!! Mine would have loved that, too:)

  2. the pics you took are BEAUTIFUL. what a fun day!!!

  3. Oh, wow.....that looked like so much fun! The kids and I would both LOVE to have something like that available to us. What a blessing!

  4. What an amazing experience!! I'm so jealous. :) I bet your kids will never forget that.

  5. Oh, my! I would have loved to do that as a kid! (And go experience something like that now with my own two!) Really unique and unforgettable experience there!



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