Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jumping in

I had been standing at the end of the diving board for months. The water looked so attractive. Jumping seemed like the right thing to do, albeit bold. But I was dry, comfortable, secure. It was easy to stay on the diving board and just contemplate the water, read books about it, pray and mull over all it could be. But I had to make a decision. Our re-enrollment contract was due. Should I send her back to this wonderful, private, Christian school for first grade? Should I send in the application for Will to enter Pre-K next year? Or should I jump off and do what I felt God leading me to do - homeschool?

I jumped. More like I was pushed (lovingly and wisely) my husband who is blessed with the ability to make big decisions easily. Me - not so much. I would have stood there for years.

Here we go.

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  1. Hi! I have been enjoying your blog since this is your first year with a first grader and we are doing the same thing. My son was in public school in Kindergarten and did well. How has the transition been now that your daughter is at home? I feel like we are still working out the kinks. :) Have a great day!



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