Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Homeschool : Year 2

Here's the plan. And I'm a planner. I'll spare you the excel spreadsheet.

Hannah, 7-8 years : 2nd grade

Language Arts:

Will, 5-6 years : Kindergarten

  • Horizons K, 4x a week
Phonics: 4x a week

Peter, 3-4 years
  • We will make an Alphabet Book and Number Book.
  • Lots of books, games, puzzles and mischief to be sure.


Science/Nature Study:
  • lots of good stuff : )
Art/Artist Studies
  • Weekly art projects (still need to organize my thoughts on this one). I love to get ideas from Art Projects for Kids and That Artist Woman.
  • Artist Studies - ideas... Audubon (birds), Degas, Renoir, Cezanne, Homer, Hopper.
  • Homeschool co-op art class
Music/Composer Studies
  • I know we will start with Haydn and The Farewell Symphony and go from there.
  • Piano lessons
  • Hymn studies
  • Children's choir at church
  • Kennedy Center field trips

Whew! Did anyone make it this far? : )


  1. Wow! From one planner to another... that's an awesome list! You've done your homework and it looks like you guys are in for a fun, fun year :)

    For what it's worth... I *highly* recommend a trip to Mt. Vernon. That's one stop you don't want to miss-- it was a highlight for us this past spring! And head to Monticello, too, if time allows. It's not quite as convenient as Mt. Vernon, but well worth your time.

    Well... you've inspired me, Jennifer, to complete my list :) Congrats to you on a job well done. Now you can sit back and breathe a deep sigh of relief... and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Wow, This is a huge undertaking; sounds like you have a fantastic school year planned for your kids. I give homeschooling moms alot of credit; it certainly sounds like you go the extra mile and make it fun and exciting for them!

    I came across your blog through another; it's very enjoyable!

    Kim from Philadelphia

  3. One more quick note of thanks-- I neglected to thank you for mentioning Lincoln's cottage as one of your field trips. I never knew it existed, but wow, it looks wonderful! It's now on my list for next year :)

  4. I did. :) But then, I love planning, too. It looks like you have a full and wonderful year ahead. Can't wait to hear updates as the year progresses.

  5. Hooray for planning ahead! Do you love the smell of new books as much as I do? I'm expecting a pkg in the next few days...it's like Christmas! I'm hoping to get to my planning and organization in the next two weeks but we'll see how life is going as we're still adjusting to having a newborn again.

    We use Leading Little Ones to God with our boys and love the lessons! They're easy to understand and the Biblical ideas are not "watered-down." I really like the many options for each lesson - scripture reading, memory verse, questions, hymn amd prayer - we can choose what we want to expand on the lesson.

    I have your pencil cake stuck in my head from last year...what a sweet idea! I hope to do something fun like that on our first day of school!

    Enjoy your day!

  6. I have used many of the resources you've listed with my older two. I love the Jesus Storybible, Leading Little Ones to God, Ordinary Parents Guide to reading (I think my 5yr old is not ready yet but will use with him next year).
    It looks like you're going to have a great year with lots of learning time together.

  7. Everything under Bible you listed, I've used/or am using and love them!

    I'm seriously thinking of doing an Alphabet book with my preschooler - I keep seeing people mention them. I guess I just need to put my backside in motion and stop talking about it! :D

    It looks like you have a great year planned!

  8. Wow!! You have got quite a busy year planned. I am using Leading Little Ones to God this year also and have enjoyed the reading I have done with it already. It is an awesome book.

    I have a 4 year old and will be doing an alphabet book with him. I am pretty excited about it and so is he.

  9. What a great school year you have planned. It looks like you're all in for a great deal of fun learning.

  10. Looks like a great plan. It's hard working with 3 at different levels but once you find a groove it's great. :) Have you looked at Barb's Outdoor Hour Challenges at Handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com? She did a focus on birds that we are going to use this year.

  11. We are using First Language Lessons too.

    Looks like a great plan! An Alphabet/Number book for my youngest sounds like a great idea!

  12. A lovely plan. I did Beautiful Feet's Early American History Primary years ago, and remember many of the books quite fondly. Simple times, when I didn't have high school right around the corner staring me down. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I am going to look into Beautiful Feet - as well as Winter Promise. I've seen it on a few blogs now, from people like you that I respect...

    so thank you for the poke. ;)

    Thanks for participating in NBTS blog hop!

  14. You all sound like your are going to be very busy. I was wondering about the Explode the Code how easy is it to use?

  15. Love your blog. I'm a new follower now! Thanks to Darcy's blog hop, I discovered you. Such a calming blog with so much activity included. Amazing.

    As for your homeschool plans,we are following much the same course of work. Saxon Math, The Well-Trained Mind, etc. Can't wait to hear how it all goes for you this year. We are into week seven. Loving learning multiplication!


  16. We're using FLL too and starting Complete Writer also - love those ladies! :)

    Hoping we'll have a chance to visit Williamsburg too during the homeschool week - such an amazing price and too hard to pass up!

    Have fun this year!


  17. You've got a great list! Your kids are such fun ages and it sounds like you've got a great year planned for you all. Have fun!

  18. Loved your plan! I got a couple of good ideas for my kids, like Leading Little Ones to God for my 3-4 year old. Thanks!

  19. My son is 7 years old, same as Hannah. Spelling Wisdom looks amazing. I think I am going to try that out! Thanks so much for introducing me to a new resource.



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