Monday, March 16, 2009

This and That

I'm still here. And this week has been much better.

There has been a lot of real life going on here. Blogging has been low on my list, as I think it should be.

A few things that have been rattling around in my brain (or stomach, in some cases)...

1. Making my own bread. I've been thinking about doing it for months. Well, I did it... and with surprising success (Thanks, Brenda, for a great recipe!) It is sooo much better than anything I would buy at the store. The kids love it. And the smell of it baking... it makes me giddy. So, if I can get my act together and make it regularly, I'm done with buying blah whole wheat bread at the store.

2. I am needing to buy some more face care stuff and makeup. It does seem it all runs out at the same time. I am so happy to have found this site - telling me what is really in that face cream and if it's safe.

3. Granola. I'm addicted. I love this recipe - I use the basic recipe (no brown sugar) and add sliced almonds and cinnamon. It doesn't last long around here. The last time I made it I used virgin coconut oil and it was oh-so-good! I keep reading about coconut oil (look here and here and here), so I bought some (Whole Foods) and having been adding it here and there.

4. Lapbooks. I went to a lapbooking workshop organized by a friend this past Saturday morning. I learned more that I thought there was to know... look for some lapbooks here soon!

5. Indian Food. I really like it (this is new). I went to a local Indian grocery store last week in preparation for our dinner club. (Indian themed... and very yummy.) The hostess made Tandoori Chicken - delicious! I served samosas with coriander and sweet chutneys for the appetizer (thanks to the nice Indian grocer who helped me figure out what to serve).

6. Outsourcing Art (or not). Hannah and Will have been taking a Mona Brookes inspired (Monart) art class once a week since January. I'm not sure it is worth the half-hour drive out of town and the $$$, but they have loved it. The session is almost up and I don't think we will do it again. For the money, I could have bought some really nice art supplies and done more here at home. And since they have been in an art class, we haven't done a single art project at home. (This is tragic for me.) What I will miss about the hour long class is my weekly Starbucks date with Peter. (I'm sure he will miss me splurging on those Horizon chocolate milks, too.)

7. Habit Training. This is something that has been on my heart and mind a lot lately. I recently bought this book - Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook. It is full of so much wisdom. Great investment. There's too much to write about now... that's for another post.

8. Curriculum. The decision has been made. We will continue to homeschool next year. (We said we would do it for one year and then reevaluate.) So, I am starting to think about 2nd grade and Kindergarten... and Peter possibly not napping (oh my).


  1. Lots of great stuff here. I enjoyed the links on the coconut oil. Will have to check into that!

  2. Yeah I'm excited to see what you've learned about lapbooks- I know yours will be great!

  3. I'd love to know your bread recipe. Making bread (regularly) is on my to-do list.

    face-stuff - I like Arbonne. It is pricey, but I'm still using the face wash/moisturizer set I bought last year...and it's all natural.

    coconut oil: have you tried popped corn with it? Oh, My. You gotta try it. yuummmm.

    I agree about buying nice art materials instead of taking a class. My guy took a class last year and I had your same thought.

    and, I also have a copy of laying down the rails...I need to pick it back up. Good reminder.

    great post.

  4. as always good info!
    i don't have your email, can you send it to me.
    we are visiting my parents the first week of april, we might come your way if possible! :)
    my email

  5. Hi,

    I always enjoy reading your blog! I too have been trying to make our breads instead of buying lately. I tried a bread maker until I found Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, we LOVE it!


  6. We love the Artisan bread cookbook too. I was just going to mention that to you. Have you tried it?

    We are doing the same thing w/homeschooling - reevaluating every year and we just decided we will continue next year as well. :)

    Love granola!

  7. Great stuff! Glad you are going to homeschool next year, too!

  8. I came across your blog by several other blogs and I must say I've been reading all your posts and loving a glimpse into your world. I was homeschooled growing up and can't wait to start teaching my little one who turns 4 months today.
    Thanks for sharing your daily ups and downs and ideas. I'm a fan now!
    I'm in Raleigh NC now but grew up in Alaska so I know those "is this spring?" days.

  9. Hi my sweet friend. Saw your mom yesterday-we were both "getting our ears lowered"!She gave me your blog info and filled me in a little on the crazy semi!I have just decided to homeschool two of mine. Anderson will be in 3rd and Maggie in Kindergarten. I would love to pick your brain. If you get the chance my email address is
    I will take any advice I can get!
    Margaret Kay Tucker



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