Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beans for Peter

Two bean posts in one week... things are really exciting around here.

I pulled these out for Peter yesterday. He was in bean heaven while the other 2 did their lessons. Then Will and Hannah joined in and created their own bean themed coffee shop/bakery named, "Coffee Canteen." I was their only customer, so the shop hit hard times (boredom). Watching 3 kids play over and hour with a bunch of beans... that makes me happy.

It makes a huge mess. Don't you like how I picked beans that match the carpet perfectly?


  1. so i was inspired by the bag bean post. i bought some bag, dry garbonzo beans, soaked them overnight,then cooked & seasoned them. they tast great! and now i am going to try to make homeade humus. now to find tahini!

  2. oh my ... you need some black beans, kidney beans ... anything but carpet colored beans!



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