Monday, March 2, 2009


... a Snow Day!

We were in Florida the last (and only) time it had snowed this season. I was beginning to think this year's snow boots would never be worn.

Ready to go outside!

Peter, about 2 minutes later...

We filled our morning with snow angels, sledding, snowballs, shoveling...Pure joy!
By the way, the conference this past weekend was wonderful. There were five talks from five different, godly, inspiring women. For homeschool moms - I highly recommend it. This is not a conference about curriculum choices, but the heart behind it all. There will be a conference next year in Chicago and Baltimore. I came home feeling refreshed, encouraged, and with a clearer/brighter vision for our homeschool.


  1. So happy that you had such a wonderful weekend at the conference and with the snow. The kids look so excited and cute all bundled. We enjoyed our snow- but can not fathom bundling/drying out clothes on a daily basis. But it is so magical for just a few days at a time, once or twice a year (or every few years). Our farm to which I referred on my blog, is just north of Auburn. So you can imagine how rare the snow is for us when we go "back home"!

  2. We had fun in the snow today, too! Dh and I didn't tell the boys about the potential for a big snow overnight (just in case the forecasters were wrong) so when they came downstairs this morning, their eyes lit up like diamonds! They were in & out and in & out all day long :)

  3. Too fun. Ours can't wait for snow again. It is in the 70s here at least during the day these days.



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