Monday, February 2, 2009

The Youngest

Now that my baby is three, it's as if I can actually see time passing. Too quickly. I want more.

I want more hours in my day to read picture books to him. Spend hours at the playground. Make homemade playdough. Sit and color. I want Peter to have the same early years that Hannah had. More of me.

If Hannah and Will were in school, he would have that.

I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch today when I noticed the quiet... too much of it. Where are they? Upstairs... no sign of them. Then I see the power cord tucked under the closet door,

and I find this sweet moment...

I needed that. To be reminded... Peter has Hannah and Will and me. All the time.


  1. how sweet! What a perfect little moment caught of camera!

  2. Oh my! that is the sweetest thing ever.

    happy birthday to your not-so-little little guy.

  3. All I can say is thank you. I need to read this post about once a month.

  4. OH that is so sweet. He's a blessed boy for sure.

  5. Priceless! I love those moments.

  6. What a great reminder! I too, feel the pull with having twins of whether or not they would have gotten more of mommy had they been born seperately but they have their own set of "perks". Ultimately I have to remind myself who was in charge (God) and this was his plan for my boys as it is for your little one. Again, great reminder. Thanks!

  7. I was feeling bad that I don't spend as much one on one time with my 3rd and likely with my growing 4th baby, but younger siblings don't realize they are "missing out." They are blessed with family, young and old (ha! as if we are old...), around all the time to do those special one on one things. It is one of my greatest desires that my children care for each other and play together (like yours in the closet!)! Part of the reason I love homeschooling, too, is that my children learn to enjoy their siblings and spend time with them building friendships that withstand other changes in non-family friends.

    If you're ever interested in the rest of my life beyond strictly homeschool posts, check out my other blog

  8. Sigh. That is exactly how I feel. Guilty at times for the lack of one-on-one time, and then I watch Leif play or just *be* with the big boys and I realize how much he thrives on being 'one of the boys.'

    What a special moment you caught with your camera.



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