Friday, February 20, 2009


"Can I watch something?" comes out of Will's mouth every late afternoon.

I usually respond with a "Why don't you .... (anything but watch tv)." Which really just postpones the tv watching. The question returns. I give in. Making dinner is so much more pleasant without "help."

This is where I feel we are in a rut. We only watch about 3 different shows. I set the DVR to record the ones we like. We occasionally watch DVDs.

Hannah is not all that interested in tv, but she will sit and watch it if it's on. I recently discovered Word Girl and it's become Will and Hannah's favorite. Do you know this vocabulary super hero... from the planet Lexicon? It's pretty fun. When Will used the word tenacious correctly yesterday, I (amazed) asked where he learned it. "From Word Girl, Mom!"

Peter is a little like Hannah. He'll watch it, but he can take it or leave it. Handy Manny and Fireman Sam (puppet animation, set in Wales, firefighter adventures) are his favorites.

We have grown tired of Little Einsteins, Bob the Builder, and Clifford.

Our favorite DVDs...

Little House on the Prairie

Leap Frog Letter Factory

Leap Frog Talking Words Factory

Jana Alayra Live in Concert, #1 and #2 (LOVE this one!)

We are the Laurie Berkner Band

Real Wheels Truck Adventures

Please tell me...
What are your kids' favorites? What do you like them to watch?


  1. We are currently in Barney H-e-l-l! They also like Sesame Street, Word World or Sid the Science Kid (all PBS). We don't always watch these obviously but they are my go to shows if I need to get something done (ie dinner,daily breathing treatments for the boys). I like to limit it to one 1/2 hour show.

  2. Our guilty pleasure has been Zaboomafoom. It's on PBS, all about animals and hosted by these crazy brothers.

  3. We don't have extended cable channels, so other than dvd's my kiddos only watch pbs programs. We like Sid the Science Kid, Super Why and Word Girl. They've recently introduced a new version of The Electric Co. that the jury is still out on as far as I'm concerned. I was a huge fan of the original as a kid though, so maybe I'll break down and buy the dvds of that one:)

  4. I love your blog (don't know that I've ever commented before). We're planning to start homeschooling our oldest for Kindergarten in the fall so I like to read all your homeschooling posts. I usually let the kids watch 2 PBS shows in the afternoon around dinner time because like you said it just makes dinner prep so much easier especially in the winter when it's too cold to go outside. So we usually tape Word World and Curious George that come on earlier in the day. My son loves Word Girl as well but the 3 year old says, "It's too scary!"

  5. Well, I've nipped that in the bud by only allowing tv on weekends. Weekend is defined by the moment daddy walks in the door on Fri night, until Sunday.

    But Mon-Fri (school days) they've stopped asking. And we've been doing this for about 2 years now. At first, it was hard for them to know what to do. Now, they don't ask, don't miss it, and are much better at finding something to entertain themselves.

    It helps too that my boys are a little older now. ;)

    It's the best move we've made. I let them DVR their shows - Mickey Mouse for Trouble, Jane and the Dragon for my middle son, and some of the Disney movies for my oldest.

    Since they know it's waiting for them on Sat, they don't mind at all. PLus, they watch NO commercials this way, which is definitely a plus. it helps with "the gimmies".

    My oldest is almost 9, so I'm more lenient and he has pretty good judgement. He is the first to say "This isn't appropriate." to his brothers.

    My little guy likes Playhouse Disney and Qubo, which is on a major network on Sat mornings here.

    The one network aimed at children that I am weary of is Nickelodeon. Some Nick Jr. shows are okay... but the rest is too old for my kids.

  6. Jen, you should ask Tati. I've given her a few DVDs from work in previous years that her boys have loved. One of them is about this little town, possibly claymation, and a plane is involved (She'll know what I'm talking about). I've watched when I babysat over there. My nephew loved the old standbys of Veggie Tales. And for something entirely different, maybe Sunrise Earth on Discovery? Beautiful and kind of mesmerizing.

  7. We recently discovered the Bible Man videos. (purchased at LifeWay) Samuel LOVES them. The acting is cheesy, but the message is great.
    Super Why on PBS is a good educational show. We try to pick shows that have dancing and movement, then they are up moving around, not just sitting there. We are still in Wiggle World, which I will not complain, because it is good exercise.

    We are doing a project on the Washington Monument, can you send me your email address. I have some questions!!!

  8. We love The (New) Electric Company on PBS at 5:00 on Fridays. Also, Sid the Science Kid.

  9. I like the Scholastic Treasury of 100 Storybook Classics DVD collection. They are excellent children's books turned into videos. Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are, Chrysanthemum, Rosie the Hen. My favorite is an extra on one of the DVDs--Pete Seeger's The Bullfrog.

  10. Ah Lindsay's exact words ... daily. Mine usually get a late afternoon/predinner dose when the whinies start making Mommy crazy. And we do have "cartoon morning" on Saturday am because both of us remember that as such a happy part of our childhoods! I like the Scholastic videos and Veggie Tales but we have our share of disney fare I confess!

  11. The only thing 21-month-old Katie will watch (and she watches a fair amount of it now that I'm exhausted and 36 wks pregnant) is "Sesame Street". It speaks to her on her level and she constantly asks for "Elmo Cookie", as she calls it. I would feel bad about how much she watches it except that she is learning great stuff (sounds like your kids are too). She is trying to sing her ABCs and can recognize some numbers. She is also currently obsessed with the SS DVD "Three Bears and a New Baby" which is just PERFECT for her to be absorbing right now as she's about to become a big sister. My mother says the reason I was reading at age 3 is because of my Sesame Street watching as well.

  12. A favorite at our house is The Magic School Bus. We borrow the DVDs from our library. It's been great to have the DVD about the Human Body over the past two weeks to add to our science studies.

    We also love Signing Time DVDs borrowed again from our library. I have a real interest in learning sign language because of some families we spend time with who are hearing impaired. The boys love them and are teaching me signs (as I don't usually sit and watch...).



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