Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Schedule Changes

Just when I think I have figured out an order to our day, I decide to turn it upside down. Our homeschool has basically followed this schedule since August, but I decided to switch things around after our vacation.

My hope in doing this was for us to be together more (I know, sounds crazy) instead of me moving from kid to kid and working/playing with them separately (and being constantly interrupted by the others). I wanted to have more reading time all together. Also, I sensed Hannah (and I) needed quieter surroundings for Math.

This week has looked very different. We all love it... and it is surprisingly more productive! I love that Peter is more involved and content sitting at the table with us doing his own "school."

Hannah has said each day, "I love doing school like this."

We have a firm starting time of 8:15, but other than that I'm not really watching the clock. That's a big change for me. We're all better for it. Grin.

Three days in, here are the changes...

After Family Huddle, we all stay at the table for Morning Meeting (my kids love calling meetings). I have all of our materials organized and ready to go, so we can get right to it.

at the table
All of us: calendar, weather

Hannah: First part of Math (Saxon Math "Meeting") which is done all on her own, math drills, copywork, spelling, Mind Benders, and First Language Lessons at the end of our table time (when the boys have left).

Will: Handwriting, Math - Singapore (Earlybird Kindergarten) worksheets and manipulatives.

Peter: sorting, counting, shapes, coloring, letters, cut and paste... he gets most of my attention.

Will's Handwriting Practice - "Rainbow Letters"
He traces my letters with layers of colors.

move to the couch
Read-aloud, Story of the World, Phonics (with Will)

more active lessons
Science (The Body), Music, or Art

outside play for all three

We chat and really work on table manners.

after lunch
I read to Peter and Will. Hannah practices piano (in another room).

during Peter's nap and Will's quiet time
Math with Hannah. This has been a great change! Before, I was married to the idea that Math needed to be finished first for some reason.

Hannah heads up to her room for independent reading. And I have a bit of time by myself!

After nap/quiet times we do crafts, bake, go outside, etc...

Dinner, chores, get ready for bed

Nightly Family Read-alouds

Hannah reads independently in her room before bed.

Bedtime! Glorious Bedtime!


  1. I'm so glad your changes are working well-- it's always such a great feeling to implement something new and then have it succeed!

    I'm trying to wrap my mind around a few changes here, too... like you, I'm recognizing the need to do more things together; I just don't like being so spread out all the time. Perhaps pulling everyone to a common spot (like your dining room table) is a good place to start... hmmm, food for thought-- thanks!

  2. Jen, the kids are more than welcome to attend some of the meetings I have to go to, in my place. As long as they report back to me about the APIs and FLVs and buckets and resources and LOEs and all of the other words that I still don't understand that fly around in those meetings... Sigh.

  3. I just made a change to how I plan out lessons for each week - a checklist style for the week rather than a daily plan. I am amazed at how a simple change can make a huge difference! I'm more relaxed, Elijah has a little more choice and it's allowing more group interaction!

    I think I'll always have to be flexible as my children grow (and are birthed). One quarter to the next might be completely different, let alone one day to the next. Sounds like you made some great changes that benefit everyone!



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