Monday, December 5, 2011

4 : 25 {holiday cheer}

We enjoyed a full and wonderful weekend.
Hannah snapped a photo of us as we headed to a party on Saturday night.

And those are feathers in my hair, not some new spike-y haircut. My dear friend, Aimee, convinced me that every girl needs a feather headband.
Hannah was blown away! : )

Sunday afternoon we headed to Alexandria for a holiday open house with old friends.
This time of year is so fun and festive, I just sometimes wish we could spread it out a little. Perhaps we should start hosting an annual party in February... that month could use a party.

We sat on the GW Parkway for a *long* time on our way home. The view made up for the traffic.

Then back to church for the York Nativity Play. Which was followed by a reception full of holiday goodies.
My children all went to bed last night feeling a little sugar-sick.

So thankful for today... a quiet Monday at home.

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  1. you can depend on Aimee for cool headband advice (and sewing a beautiful dress!)



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