Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 : 25 {my colonial girl}

Hannah's class hosted a Revolutionary War Museum for the parents today. The interactive "museum" had revolution-era characters with "buttons" for us to press and find out more about their place in history. Hannah complained to us about taxes. The whole thing was so well done!

Earlier this week, I read Passionate Homemaking's post about old fashioned rag curls. One mention of it to Hannah and she ready for me to start tying rags in her hair... perfect for "Colonial Day."

This is her hair after a full day at school and being in the rain. It was very curly this morning.

I'm afraid this is going to be a regular request. But sitting with my girl at night and talking while I do her hair... I'll gladly do that any night she will let me!

Here she is waiting for someone to "press her button"...

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  1. Love this!! What a brilliant idea. And her curls are precious. Blessed season~ to you and yours- Laura



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