Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bag Ladies

My mom, Hannah, and I worked on a little sewing project last week. Being new to this sewing thing, it was a great beginner project for me. All of us were pleased with the final products, but mostly it was just fun to do together.

I found this shoulder bag tutorial at tiny happy several months ago and filed it away for a summer day. We did tweak with her measurements, feeling that the bag wasn't deep enough. And I have to have a bag that easy carries my moleskine planner.

Hannah's bag (she picked out the fabric)

My mom and I used the same fabric - fine wale red corduroy for fall.

Mom's... (she got a little fancy with the tucks by the button)

My bag...

And with the extra fabric, I made a slouchy sack like bag for library trips/shopping/etc. I needed the extra practice.


  1. very cute! I LOVE The the fabric you used to line yours :)

  2. Those bags look like so much fun! I'd love to have such an interesting looking bag.

    I may have to learn to sew!

  3. I love those, especially yours! So cute!

  4. What a fun introduction to sewing! I'm mostly a quilter, but I've recently been excited to start other sewing projects! Something to do with having a daughter now...almost like I have "permission" and a "reason" to do lots of fun sewing. Might try your bag!!!



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