Friday, January 22, 2010


Just a few things we've been working on this past week...

Hannah wanted to hang something by her new desk in the school room. So, I gave her an "assignment"... draw-then-paint something in the house, fill the space, go off the page on at least one side, and use only 2 colors. I love what she created!

We replaced the nativity scene painting hanging in the kitchen with this Valentine decoration. I gave Will a few valentine-colored chalk pastels and told him to fill his paper with color, blending one color into the next. We hairsprayed the paper to keep the chalk dust from going everywhere. Then we cut hearts from the paper (much like the letters we did last week) and glued them to black card stock.

And I made this for Peter....

I am finally learning how to use my sewing machine. For years I was completely intimidated by the thing. The only one who had ever used my sewing machine was my mom. I'd seen these pencil/crayon rolls a few places and thought... I need to learn how to make those. Skip To My Lou has a helpful tutorial for a simple felt roll. My mom helped me create a pattern and get comfortable with my machine last time she was here (aren't moms great?). A whole new world of projects is open to me now! I've made a few for gifts. And before Peter's, I made pencil "rolls" for Hannah and Will. They use them all the time. Perfect to throw in a bag with a sketch book.


  1. You're killing me here, Jennifer!! I'm telling you... CLASSES. You need to offer classes for the artistically challenged... like me :) These projects are beautifully done, as always, so once again-- thanks for the inspiration. I can't wait to see what's next!!

  2. I love the pencil roll. I think it would make a very beautiful yet affordable gift for a childs birthday present. I think I will try making one. I'll blog it if it works out and link back to you to give you the credit!

  3. Jen, I just had to laugh. I am also learning to sew and am using the same "town" material to make church bags for the boys and last week made the exact same crayon rolls (with baseball themes) as well. Please keep posting your projects so we can learn to sew together.

    Your friend from CSACNS.



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