Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Boys' Room

We found a little desk for the school room on Craigslist. This led to moving the craft cabinet up to the boys room, and declaring it the lego cabinet. This led to moving some things on the walls. This led to a blank wall with 2 nails. So, Will and I came up with this yesterday...

We just doodled with watercolor pencils (he loves them!) and then cut out the W and P from our paper, glued it to some cardstock, and put it in two old frames from the craft store.

On another wall in their room, I have this...

Inspired by Heidi (a couple of years ago), I grabbed a white canvas, cut some colored circles, wrote out all the letters/numbers with a sharpie and glued them to the canvas. All this because I was unable to find a poster with upper and lowercase letters. I think it took an hour or so. It's not perfect, but was super easy and inexpensive. I like that.


  1. very nice, simple. Love the personal touches. Just redid the 'boys' room. Simple is good.

  2. I like the bright colors and the handmade art! Neat take on the canvas idea!

  3. i love those colored letters framed! so adorable. beautiful, i mean, handsome room.

  4. Jennifer... you *really* need to teach an art class :) Or better yet-- a simple child's art/cool-crafty-stuff home-decor class for moms!! I'd love to add more personal touches to my home (like your framed "turkey art"), but have yet to move beyond photos in frames (pathetic, I know :)

    But there's hope... b/c you inspire me! Perhaps one day...

    And in the meantime, think about that class :)

  5. Love the boys room!!! The framed initials look amazing!! I think I'll do that with my girls room - thanks for the idea :-) I just love your blog - always so positive and inspiring :-)

  6. Love the framed letters... Sooo creative. I feel inspired :o)

  7. This is the PERFECT little boys' room! I love the personalized wall art! And I officially have cabinet envy. :)



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