Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Football Party

Last Friday night, we had a handful of families over for a football themed birthday bash. I was thrilled when Peter settled on wanting a 'Football' party. I knew there would be Super Bowl party stuff everywhere in January. And my husband's childhood NFL pennants (that I have been meaning to hang in the boys' room) would be a perfect, easy way to decorate.

We like the Redskins and Steelers around here.

I made a simple invitation with some leftover craft colored card stock. Printed, cut, and added the white with a paint pen.

The kids played Wall Football and Hot Football/Potato.

Here's Will cheering Peter on. I love that some came in their team colors! We all should have.

The girls... and Hannah showing the blank side of her football.

We enjoyed football fare... nachos, little hot dogs, BBQ beef sandwiches. For the cake, I attempted a football field... two 9 x 13 cakes side by side, a lot of green icing, end zones with 'Happy Birthday' and 'Peter,' a not-so-level playing field, and candles for the uprights. Forgive me for the blurry photo, but really the cake looks better this way. Grin.

For favors, Peter and I made gingerbread footballs (he loves gingerbread cookies), and tied the bag with a football whistle. I tend to under-do favors... so much money can be spent/wasted on a bag full of candy and plastic stuff.

Too bad my husband will be preaching the evening of the Super Bowl... we have plenty of football paper goods, and the boys won't let me take the pennants down. : )

Aaahhh, the end of birthday party season... I'm off until October.


  1. I love the simplicity of your party theme. I love making a fuss over a theme but not spending too much money on it. Most favour bags go home where the kids eat loads of extra candy their mothers don't need them to have and the little plastic things end up in next weeks garbage. Yours are so good and fit right in with the theme. Doesn't clear cellophane make anything look fancy!

  2. What a great party! Way to carry out your theme:) I love fun *home* birthday parties.

    FYI: to get your cakes to be flat and fairly level, as soon as you take them out of the oven to cool use your oven-mitt-covered hand and simply press down all over the top. It gets all the air out (that's what makes them puff up) and your cake is still totally fine. I learned this little trick from a cooking class I once took.

  3. You attention to detail is absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of the gingerbread cookies. And you are completely right - I do not like all of the birthday party "stuff" that comes home either. For Little Buddy's last birthday, I bought little Lego racers for a few dollars and that was that.

    If I'd seen your gingerbread cookie idea, I'd have surely copied ya. *Grin*

  4. You're way too clever for me, Jennifer!! Your creativity and your simple (yet wonderfully awesome) touches blow me away every. single. time. Thanks for always sharing-- you give me something to shoot for!

  5. You do the best parties!! Start planning Noah's 4th birthday will ya?? You have until Septmeber :) hehe And if ya'll are ever in Jax, I would LOVE to get together (if we can make it then too!)

  6. LOVE it! The theme, the cake, the cutie-patootie birthday boy.

  7. LOVE your favors!! Simple, delicious and so cute!!

  8. What great ideas! With a house full of football crazed little boys, I'm definitely tucking away these ideas for later!



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