Friday, September 25, 2009

Living History : Jamestown

We spent the first part of this week visiting Williamsburg and Jamestown. Both places were having homeschooler specials... as was our very fun hotel.

We spent the first 3 weeks of school studying Jamestown in our history lessons (a bit out of order for the purpose of this trip).

Jamestown Settlement was so much fun for the kids. Our day started with a special homeschool class, "Living with the Indians."

Hannah the Powhatan Indian hunter wearing a real deer skin (not so sure she liked that part).

Will helped dress Peter as a Powhatan Indian fisherman.
The Powhatan Village. Everything was hands-on. We could have spent hours playing Indian here....
Making knives from stone.
Grinding corn.
Making clay.
Carving out a fishing canoe with oyster shells.
And Will in the finished product. Kidding.
Pastor kids playing in the pulpit. The church at James Fort.
From James Fort to the ships!

The Susan Constant Replica.
Below deck. This kid loves weapons.

Field trips are always more fun when you end the day with this...

Great Wolf Lodge. Kid heaven.


  1. This is what I love about homeschooling...that you can make it real for your kids visiting places you're studying and getting hands-on experiences. Sounds like a fabulous trip!

  2. Jennifer, Great pictures! I really like the one of sweet Peter and his friend. Looks like you had lots of fun.
    love Mom



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