Monday, October 6, 2008

The Tooth Fairy... a little early

Will bumped his front tooth one too many times. A few weeks ago, he was complaining about his tooth... it looked darker than it had (from the first injury) and seemed a bit loose. Off to our dentist (LOVE her... if you need a good pediatric dentist in DC, let me know). She urged me to be conservative and make an appointment with the oral surgeon to get it outta there. My four year old with no front tooth seemed so sad... so, I get a second opinion. Dr. Second Opinion says to wait three months and it's no big deal. Great... I call our dentist back and tell her we want to wait. OK, she says, but only for 4 weeks and don't leave town with out an antibiotic. Suddenly, I feel irresponsible. One week passes. Then Saturday morning (Why?!! do things like this always happen on Saturdays!?), that tooth has a painful abscess. That tooth shouldn't be there anyway. Should've been conservative. I feel terrible! The oral surgeon sees him Sunday morning*, but can't pull it until this morning. He's miserable all weekend. This morning, it's out. All is right with Will again. And for me... another mom lesson learned the hard way.

*Precisely the time I was to be running the Army 10-Miler. Bummer.

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  1. that is so true, things like that always happen at night or on a weekend. i'm glad he is feeling better now.



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