Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Husband

Today is my husband's birthday!

I find in the blog world that I get to "know" so many interesting women (and their kids), but very little about their husbands. Let me tell you a little about mine...

I don't mention his name here to protect our family. I feel he identifies us. I'm not quite sure what "dh" means, but I see it a lot. I don't use use it because, well, I don't know what it means. Maybe one of you can tell me.

He's from New Jersey. Really and truly, there is a beautiful part and he's from it. The youngest of three, older brother and sister. A wildly fun family. When he was in sixth grade he felt the call to be a pastor during a worship service at his home church. When he walked out the doors that morning to shake the pastor's hand, he told him he was going to be a pastor one day. Sure of it. Now he is an associate pastor at our church... preaching, teaching, and loving every minute.

His plan was to graduate from college and go immediately to seminary. But God had plans for us to meet first (and for him to work at a church for two years). We both moved to the DC area the summer we graduated from undergrad. Fell in love. Got Married. Then went to seminary in Massachusetts. I worked, he studied. Three years later, we came back to DC. Three kids later. Here we are.

I knew when he graduated from seminary with his MDiv, that was not the end. A few years later, he got the itch to start a PhD program. He LOVES it. He's doing it part-time through U of Aberdeen and makes the trip to Scotland once a year to meet with his advisors face to face. This is year 4 or 5... he tells me there are less than two years left. For those interested, his focus is Historical Theology - the Covenant Theology of Zacharias Ursinus, author of the Heidelberg Catechism. I try to always stay up with the particulars and content, but the real joy is watching him doing what he loves.

And as a dad, he is fun! I'm trying to enforce bedtime, while he is having a wrestle-tickle fest. He's always ready to play lacrosse, soccer, t-ball, do cannonballs... full of energy for these little guys of ours. And he gives me full days off when I need them.

I am blessed!


  1. dh- dear husband

    Sounds like you have one!

  2. sounds like you gotta a good man. And you're a good woman for seeing him thru MDiv and PhD! My hubby finished his MDiv this May at Phoenix Seminary (Wayne Grudem is here) - and we are both oh-so-glad to be finished! When he first came to seminary, he thought he might pursue PhD., but around year 2, decided that MDiv was enough. My man loves to read...he also is great at playing rough with our little man. I know what you mean about enforcing bed time while they're tickling! :)

  3. Aww, that was such a nice tribute to your hubby!

    happy birthday!


  4. Say Happy Birthday to that DH of yours:) (I thought it was darling husband, darling daughter etc - but don't take me for any kind of authority). So thrilled and honored to have shared some of this journey with you Jen!

  5. I love the Heidelburg catechism. How fascinating! And traveling to Scotland- you should tag along! He sounds wonderful. How sweet!

  6. I'm a big fan of both you and your husband! Hope he had a happy birthday, and thanks for the fun tale of your journey.



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