Monday, May 12, 2008

Wedding Weekend

My dear friend Michele is married!
A bunch of us travelled from DC to her hometown of Grosse Pointe, Michigan this past weekend for the big event.

My husband didn't go (one of the many sad things about not having grandparents nearby - weekend sitters!). SO... I flew on a plane by myself! Took only a book, my purse, and a carry-on. I cannot remember the last time I flew without kids. It was air travel bliss. Stayed in a hotel room by myself! ...though I was rarely in my room.
It really was so nice to have some alone time.

David (good friend and Episcopal priest who married them)
and Todd (the groom)

Funny... a friend officiated, another was the photographer, another was the DJ, and Michele did the flowers herself (she's very talented!). We're a good bunch to have around for weddings. : )

Bridesmaids. Jennifer, Mary Elizabeth, Tatiana

The Rehearsal

Michele...faithful friend of 12 years and social coordinator extraordinaire for our big group of 30+ friends. Always hosting and planning our next big party or weekend getaway. She has cheered all of us on through courtships and weddings, pregnancies and babyhood. Now it was her turn! We couldn't be more thrilled to make the trek to Michigan to celebrate!

Grosse Pointe is beautiful! The weather was brilliant! Perfect Day!

The Grosse Pointe War Memorial. Gorgeous place to get married!

Brad and Stacy

I wish I got a better picture of the dress...beautiful!

David and Amanda

The favors...
Her mom and his mom made all the betlawa and buckeyes!
So good!

Back to DC with friends.

So, so happy for Michele and Todd!


  1. What a beautiful wedding...and how nice for you to get some alone time!

    My views of Grosse Pointe are limited to the media. Have you ever seen the John Cusack movie "Grosse Point Blank?" It's hilarious...

  2. Oh Jen how completely fun for me to see these pictures! Michele looks gorgeous and happy. It must have been way too much fun. I'm thrilled for her (and you - I remember going to a wedding solo when I was pregnant with Lindsay:)the little bit of solitude is niiiice!). Laurel

  3. We attended a wedding this weekend, too. Ours was 10 minutes from our home. Therefore no flight, no interrupted reading time, no extended wedding frivolity, and no hotel room. You win!



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