Thursday, May 15, 2008

Please Remember

Some things the kids say and do that I don't want to forget....

Peter calls strawberries "stubbies".

Hannah always wants to come to my Bible Study to "be with the ladies."

Will says to me often "I just love you, Mom!"

The way all three of them lean against me when I read to them.

Washing Peter's little hands for him.

Hannah calls magazines "mazagines" (I never correct her - probably should, but it's so cute!).

Peter "mowing" the front yard in neat rows almost daily saying "Daddy's not mowing the grass today."

Will and Peter yelling, "I love you, Hannah! Peace of Christ!" to her as she leaves for school. Standing at the front door in their pjs.

Hannah won't tuck her shirt in because she says she'll "look like a teenager." (?)

When I tuck Will in at night and he pops out of bed and says "I've gotta hug you, Mom!"

I've had a day. Well, a week. Being a mom hasn't been all that fun. This has been a good exercise for me. : )


  1. Sometimes we do need small reminders for why we shouldn't lock our spawn in the closet :-) Great post...I might need to do one like this and post it in my kitchen for a constant reminder.

  2. Kit says "mazagine" too! And here we thought she was soooo special:).

  3. I always say that I'm going to keep a notebook in my kitchen so I remember to write these things down. Now I'm really going to do it.

    My oldest always called waffles and sausage, "fuffles and ostrich." That's what we have to breakfast most mornings and we all still call it that.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Oh my gosh that is so funny. I was just going to post about my 5 yr old telling me that he is going to kindergarten at the "hellimentary school" next year. Well ok then. He also rattled off the fruits of the spirit to me this week, correctly, in order and when he got to "gentleness" he said "gentlemaness"...which I thought was priceless since he is a boy, and I would like to train him up as a gentleman! Oh and did I mention he is left-handed and did I mention we love those dot paints and did I mention my daughter loves to write and he doesn't. He is reading at a first grade level (go figure), but he just doesn't like writing. Boys Boys Boys.



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