Friday, September 17, 2010

My Girl

A couple nights ago, Hannah and I went to the mall for some much needed fall clothes. It was the first time just the two of us have been shopping for clothes together since she was in a stroller.

Full of energy, she was spinning and skipping through stores, dancing in dressing rooms, and telling me repeatedly, "This is so much fun! Just us!" Later she told my husband, "It was great! We talked about so many things." We really must get out - just us - more often.

Feeling the tug to be older, Hannah refused to get a kid's meal at Chick-fil-a and had definite opinions about clothes. The must have item of the night was at the Gap. A shirt that reads "Too Cool for School" - cracking up, she said, "This shirt is really for me!"

I love her laugh.

My girl, who wants to grow up to be a a writer and a professional soccer player, started writing a chapter book today. And this one will be published, she tells me. When she reads poetry aloud, she wants to be standing on a chair. She spends hours composing, painting, drawing, and creating an imaginary world all her own. I love her spunk, the way she gets lost in books, her desire to be sporty - not girly, and that sensitive heart.

Almost nine. Oh, how I wish I could freeze time.

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  1. Regan has often asked me how she can get her books published too :) I love that our girls continue to stay friends, even two hundred miles apart, but I wish that we were closer- they really have so much in common!



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