Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Lake

The CottageFishing with Dad

The Green Pond Parade Cousins

The ice cream stand.
Place of my husband's first date.
Funny... we saw the girl and her 3 kids there, too. : )

From the top of the mountain, you can see Manhattan.
But it feels a million miles away.


  1. Oh my. What a dreamy, wonderful, Norman-Rockwall-ish place to vacation!! My especial favorite photos are: the lovely adirondack chairs just waiting to be used and your red-white & blue adorned daughter canonballing off the dock. Just delightful.

  2. Love the pictures! I feel relaxed just looking at them! Yes, I will be at the NOVA convention, will you be there? If so let's meet up!

  3. Oh, I am soooo longing for our vacation to NC in a few weeks. It's a little different, but brings the same joys to my heart.

  4. Wonderful vignette of pictures! I love the story they tell. My favorites are the first and last. Ah, relaxation. Or maybe it is solitude I'm craving...



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