Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cleaning Lady

A few weeks ago in the car, Hannah says from the back, "You know, Mom, our cleaning lady speaks Spanish. So, she could be my Spanish teacher next year when I'm home schooled."

"Good creative problem-solving, Hannah, but who are you talking about?"

"The lady who comes and cleans the house."

"Hannah, I clean the house."

Background: We did have someone clean the house right after we moved in two years ago. She was here for a few hours - once - a baby gift from my little sister.

And all those Saturdays when I was mopping or cleaning a bathroom thinking... I am really teaching her the value of hard work, doing things for yourself, life skills... yep, she wasn't watching.

This morning, Hannah says as she is leaving for school, "Mom, are you ever going to vacuum the stairs again? They look pretty bad!" (she's right.)


She has serious chores coming her way when she's not at school 40 hours a week. : )

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