Monday, November 5, 2012


Our last class at Rocklands Farm was all about chickens. I snapped a few photos with my phone.

We hung out with the egg-layers, fed and watered them, then collected eggs. 

Hannah and Will learned how to catch a chicken. Peter wanted no part of this.

Next we learned about meat-birds and we *slaughtered* a chicken! I'll spare you the photos. To my surprise, my husband was less than thrilled to see the play by play in photos. But really... we slit the jugular, pulled out the feathers, cleaned it out (complete with a *spectacular* anatomy lesson), and then brought it home to cook. Hannah and Will were into it. Peter not so much... must take after Dad. : )

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  1. I helped a farmer friend slaughter about 250 birds one day. I made the mistake of putting a chicken in the crock pot as I headed out the door that morning. Not a good idea. I think we went out to dinner that night. I couldn't bring myself to eat chicken that night. It was a wonderful experience, though...and made me thankful for small farmers! And never want to eat another Tyson bird again.



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