Monday, June 4, 2012


The last soccer games of the season.
Words of thanks for fantastic coaches.

Peter took these next photos of Will's game. 
Those times when I get up the courage to hand Peter my camera, 
I always love the moments he captures...

photo credit: Peter, age 6
photo credit: Peter, age 6

And then on to the last game for Hannah's team - the Angry Birds. 
They won 5-0. And finished the season undefeated! These sweet girls have played together for 4 years and will be splitting up next year to play at different levels. My husband/head coach was feeling pretty proud of this crew. It was a perfect last game.

Then on to the piano recital. This was Will's first recital. He has been out-of-this-world-nervous (his words) for weeks about this moment. Both Hannah and Will played beautifully.

Will played a duet with his teacher. 

Whew! "It wasn't that bad!" he tells me.

Still sorting through Rome photos. Coming soon...

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