Friday, November 4, 2011

Moments from Our Week : Early November

Neighborhood walks.

The leaves seemed slow to turn this year.

And now they seem in a hurry to fall.

Peter zooming down the hill.

Long afternoon shadows. Sitting here with a book.

Hannah's pick for her birthday dinner. Every year the same. Baked ziti.

Ten candles.

A perch during soccer practice.

Brothers and evening books.

November sun setting. The view over our house as I call them in from neighborhood play.

Enjoying these last long afternoons.


  1. Hello! I have really enjoyed your posts on your scheduling & crafts. You have a beautiful family! Have a abundantly blessed day!!

  2. Hello Again! I am new to the blog world. I am know in the process of reading "one thousand gifts" & would like to participate in the Multitude Monday on my blog & not sure how to start. I have gone on Ann's blog but could not find out how. Would you be willing to give some info on it?

    Thanks & have a BLESSED day!!!!!



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