Saturday, June 25, 2011


picking blueberries ... a perfect summer day

We did convince Will to eat ONE. This kid is not a fan of fruit... but he will happily drink smoothies. Have I mentioned my wonderful husband bought me a Vitamix for my birthday? We are living in smoothie heaven these days.

We waited til Friday (pastor-husband's day off) so dad could come.

We bought our 20 pounds (!) of blueberries and sat in the shade while the kids played in the meadows around the farm.
Summertime dreaminess.

and then comes the


  1. Jen,
    Where did you go blueberry picking? That's one of our favorite summertime things to do. They look so yummy!

  2. We have a local blueberry farm and it has its harvest in the Aussie summer in January. Perfect for a day activity during our 6 week school holidays. Like you we enjoy the day but LOVE the baking over the coming days even more!

  3. Maia,

    We went to Butlers Orchard in Germantown. I did just hear about a another place in Poolesville - "Farm at Home" that has amazing blueberries.


  4. Jen, This does look like a perfect summer day! Our blackberries are in and our blueberries are so close! Wanted to ask you a homeschool question. We are on the fence, as usual, about decisions. Just when I think it's all figured out... :) Have you ever considered classical conversations or known any friends involved in this program? It's on our radar and I wanted your opinion!!



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