Thursday, October 14, 2010


I keep finding myself in conversations about two documentaries that I have yet to see. Both have created quite a buzz around here.

I missed a local screening of Race to Nowhere this week.

And the preview for Waiting for 'Superman' just makes me cry.

Have you seen them yet?


  1. Each preview features different sides of the spectrum -- too much education and poor education -- yet still heartbreaking and true. Super intriguing!

  2. Kids just came in from break. Found me sobbing and watching the Waiting for Superman trailer. Oh my goodness. My husband and I were just this morning talking about education and wheat is the answer for the public school system. We had N-O idea. Looks like a powerful movie. Will be interesting to see from the point of a homeschool Mom that loves her community. Maybe when the kids are all grown I'll dust off my teaching certificate...

  3. These two quotes from Race to Nowhere really jumped out at me:

    "Our students are pressured to perform. They're not necessarily pressured to learn deeply and conceptually."

    "We need to really think, 'What does it take to produce a happy, motivated, creative human being?'"

    Lots to think about, here. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. I think I might have to post these on my blog today...



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