Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shakespeare's Birthday Bash

Hannah and I went to the Folger on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the Bard's 446th. Good ole Elizabethan fun... making paper ruffs, designing gold brooches, drawing for the portrait contest. We were able to sit in the theater during a working rehearsal of Hamlet... thankfully, Hannah was there to tell me who was who. : )

The highlight... the arrival of Queen Elizabeth to cut the cake. "God save the Queen!"


  1. Jennifer,
    I pass on the sunshine award to you for posts like this - I wish I could have seen the queen! and because you often remind me how much I want to visit D.C. someday. Visit my place to see how the award works. Have a great weekend.

  2. Jen this is great! I wish I had known about it as the kids finished their Shakespeare unit recently and would have loved it. Good on you!!!! L



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