Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Again

We woke to this Narnia-like scene.
Much more is expected to fall this weekend.

I love snow. I do. It's lovely.

I just think it's about time to visit my parents in Florida.


  1. Laughing. out. loud. Really!

    Because just this morning, as my crew gathered round the breakfast table for a bowl or two of oatmeal, I announced that I would be moving to *Florida* before the day was done. And my sweetly innocent Big Man truly believed i was serious-- that comment required a bit of explaining and reassuring, to say the least :)

    Like you said-- yes, the snow is lovely. And yes, I'll likely miss it when the heat and humidity of summer set in. But boy oh boy... I'm over it! Done. Finis.

    And ready for spring!

  2. We've had much more snow this year than normal for the South. And we've been LOVING it:)) There's more in our forecast, too, and I'm so excited about it!

  3. yeah!! come visit, no shovel needed!!



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