Saturday, September 6, 2008


Each month we will be studying a different artist. I picked Vincent van Gogh to start - primarily because of his Sunflowers painting fitting the season. Hannah painted the bunch we had on the table in Van Gogh's impasto style. We used popsicle sticks instead of brushes to spread the paint thickened with corn starch. I got this idea from a fantastic book - Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of the Great Masters. It was a fun mess with a beautiful finished product to add to the bulletin board.


  1. I haven't had much time for blog visiting lately and it looks like I've missed a bunch of your terrific posts. Too much to comment on right now, but I love the pencil cake and thanks for the Mouse book recommendation for election time. I have Woodrow the White House Mouse, but didn't realize there were more titles. Thanks!!

  2. I saw your comment on a fellow home school mom's blog and thought I would come say "hi." Now, I know I will love your blog since many of your blog "friends" are mine as well.
    Hope you are off to a wonderful start to your home school year. :)

  3. I am so inspired by your blog - here via Mt. Hope Chronicles - my daughter just turned one, and while I love where we are right now, I also can't wait to get messy doing beautiful art projects with her!

    (And I LOVE your kitchen remodel - what type of countertops did you install? Your cabinets look like what I have my eye on, and I'm thinking gray Zodiaq or Caesarstone...)

  4. oh how lovely! gardening and outdoor play seemed to drown out any opportunity for indoor artistic pursuits this summer. This post actually excites me about getting back into the schoolroom next week!

  5. Hello Hannah M,

    The countertops are Caesarstone (color - Raven). I LOVE them!


  6. What a gorgeous painting! Go Hannah!



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